Currency and Culture (oral presentation)

This is the first of two research assignments on currency and culture. The two assignments will be:
  1. An oral presentation on a currency used within a specific group of people. Your oral presentation will primarily be factual, and should focus on other peoples' ideas.
  2. A thesis paper which explores how the currency affects and is influenced by the people's culture. You'll elaborate on the research you did for your oral presentation and defend your own ideas about the way money relates to the culture.
You will select a specific group of people with a common currency, who shares a set of traits such as shared beliefs, historical time, governmental structure and/or geography. In your presentation, you should address what the currency is, focusing on what makes the currency interesting. You might discuss some of the following:

You will give a 10-20 minute PowerPoint presentation to the class and be prepared to field questions. (The presenter should feel free to say, "I don't know," in response to a question; better that than to answer a question with pure speculation.) You should e-mail me the PowerPoint presentation so that I receive it before 8am of the day you are schedule to present. In addition (just in case) be sure a copy of the presentation is in your home directory or bring it to class on a disk or the like.

This oral presentation is worth 10% of your final course grade. I will assess it using the following grading guidelines: