Go: daily assignment (00)

Before our first day of class, Thursday morning at 8am in 319 Olin, please come prepared having learned the capture game:
  1. Go to http://kgs.kiseido.com/en_US/tutorial/1.html
    or go to http://kgs.kiseido.com and click on "Learn to Play Go", 3rd link down on the right side.
  2. Complete parts 1 through 6 of the tutorial.
  3. Play several games of the capture game against the computer at step 6 of the tutorial. Play enough so that you can confidently win.
  4. Feel free to play the capture game against a classmate.
  5. Please come to class with your 9x9 paper board and some go stones. (You can use a small ziplock back and just bring a generous handful, 35 to 40, of each color of stones.)