Go: daily assignment (02)

As you do the following numbered tasks, write an e-mail to me at wolfe@gustavus.edu with the subject heading Daily 02. You should send the e-mail before 7am the day of class. The e-mail should be in plain text; please do not use an attachment.
  1. Work through the first 10 lessons in The Interactive Way To Go (mirror of http://playgo.to/interactive/), through the 45 Kyu problems. Quite a bit of this is review, so feel free to go quickly and skip exercises as you see fit. Lesson 10 will have new material.

  2. Play the capture game against a classmate until both players can keep their stones alive. If both players are good, the game appears to reach a sort of ``stalemate'', where neither player appears to be able to win.

  3. Once the game has reached such a ``stalemate'', continue to alternate moves placing stones on the board.

  4. Describe in your e-mail to me what happens when you keep playing out this ``stalemate'' game? Who wins? (Some of you have already seen this happen last Thursday.)

    In addition, in your e-mail, please let me know which of the two tutorials does a better job of introducing capture.