Go: daily assignment (05)

As you do the following numbered tasks, write an e-mail to me at wolfe@gustavus.edu with the subject heading Daily 05.
  1. Read chapters 6 and 7 of Shotwell's Go! More than a Game. Play the games out on a board as your read the text.

  2. Work through the lessons 16-19 in The Interactive Way To Go, through the 37 Kyu problems.

  3. In your e-mail to me, you can either

    1. Review material from previous chapters you found confusing. Record in your journal what was confusing from chapters 1-6, what you chose to reread, and any lingering questions you might have, or

    2. Locate a web site about Go which is especially interesting. Write enough notes in your e-mail (and on a sheet of paper) so you are prepared to tell your classmates about the site and why it's interesting. The course page has some starting points, and most search engines, including Google, now recognize "Game of Go".