Go: daily assignment (13)

In response to the following task(s), write an e-mail to me at wolfe@gustavus.edu with the subject heading Daily 13.
  1. Play several games on the Kiseido Go Server. You can use KGS from the 1st floor Olin labs (Windows) or from the 3rd floor labs (Linux). (You can also try installing KGS on your own machine.) I do not recommend playing against the Bots (automated Go players). You won't learn much from playing them.

  2. Send me the KGS user name you used. Again, use a KGS username which easily identifies you within the class; for instance, you could use your Gustavus login name.

  3. Identify the best game of those you played. Note that KGS saves your old game, and from the kgs.kiseido.com archives you can easily view any of your recent games.

  4. Review your old game, and add commentary to the game. In your commentary you can comment on good or bad moves in the game, or you can insert questions into the game record. You can also insert alternate lines of play (should'a, could'a).

  5. In your e-mail to me, attach the game record (sgf file) with the commentary.