Go: daily assignment (thesis)

In response to the following task(s), write an e-mail to me at wolfe@gustavus.edu with the subject heading Daily thesis.

Although this is labeled as a daily assignment, it does have the potential to increase your grade on your research paper.

  1. In your e-mail to me, copy down your thesis from your research paper.

  2. Assess your thesis. Is it appropriate for a thesis paper? Does it force you to relate your topic to issues of values? Does it say something specific that is interesting or surprising? Is it worth arguing, or is it already self-evident without even reading the paper? Is the language powerful?

  3. Draft a new (and better) thesis based on your research topic. You need not have provided evidence for this thesis in your paper, nor will you be asked to provide evidence. Think of this as the thesis you would have written if you had it all to do over again from the start.

  4. Lastly, please state what additional research you did on your topic since you did your presentation a month ago.

Sample theses from last year's fts entitled, "Money"

Prompt: For this paper, you will select a specific group of people with a common currency, who shares a set of traits such as shared beliefs, historical time, governmental structure and/or geography. You will construct a thesis paper which explores how the currency affects and is influenced by the people's culture.