Go: daily assignment (refs)

In response to the following task(s), write an e-mail to me at wolfe@gustavus.edu with the subject heading Daily refs.

Find 3 published references for your oral presentation. List all three references in your e-mail, along with a statement about what you have done to obtain the reference (either checked the reference out, xeroxed it, printed it out, or filled out an interlibrary loan request), and a sentence or two about the source's repute (see below.)

Note that a published source means one which has appeared in print, either in a book, newspaper, journal or magazine. It's ok if you locate and print the source using on-line methods, so long as the material has also appeared in print.

Section 12 (especially 12b and 12c) of Lunsford discusses ways of determining whether a source is appropriate. For each of the three references write a sentence or two assessing whether it is a useful and reputable source and why.

For most projects, general reference books (encyclopedias and the like) might be a good starting points to help you refine your project ideas, but won't be sufficient references for a compelling presentation with some depth.