East meets West

This is the first of two research assignments. The two assignments will be:
  1. An oral presentation in which you discuss one activity, behavior or art form performed in both the East and the West. You will discuss how the performance of the activity differs between the two cultures.
  2. A research paper in which you identify how the differences in performance of the activity reflect differing value(s).
This document describes the first of these two assignments.

You can (and, for most topics, should) restrict East to some region or country in East Asia, and restrict West to a region or country in Europe or the Americas. Naturally, your audience is other students in our class; in other words, you can assume the audience has had the discussions and the background knowledge of a typical classmate.

Your presentation (and your paper) should be based on solid facts drawn from your own research. Choose the quantity and quality of your sources carefully. If you include too few good sources, you'll be uninformed; if you choose too many, you will be swamped with too many facts.

You will give a 10-20 minute well-practiced PowerPoint presentation to the class and be prepared to field questions. (The presenter should feel free to say, "I don't know," in response to a question; better that than to answer a question with pure speculation.) You should e-mail me the PowerPoint presentation so that I receive it before 8am of the day you are schedule to present. In addition (just in case) be sure a copy of the presentation is in your home directory or bring it to class on a disk or the like.

This oral presentation is worth 10% of your final course grade. I will assess it using the following grading guidelines: