How to play Go

Write a paper which explains to the reader how to play Go so an astute reader will be able to play and score a legal game of Go without asking questions. Assume that the reader is a literate adult, but knows nothing about the game. You are free to assume that the reader has played other games and therefore knows concepts common to many games such as play, turn, and win. Include rules related to the following concepts along with any others you feel appropriate: equipment, moves, capture of a group, territory, and scoring. Be sure your capture rules correctly handle ko, suicide and snapback situations. You need not explain strategy, though you may choose to if it helps the reader understand the rules.

Your paper should be about 500-800 words (2-3 pages). You will be assessed primarily on clarity, your ability to connect with the intended audience, and your ability to effectively explain the rules of the game. Although it's best if you can avoid using any diagrams, you should use diagram(s) if you cannot explain a concept sufficiently clearly in words alone. Such diagram(s) should be placed in clear context by your text.

If you aren't clear on some rules, you may wish to locate a set of official rules on-line as a guide. When using such sources, be sure to close the source and write your paper in your own words. Also, be sure to cite the source.

A brief aside is in order for the student who is fond of using they (or their) in place of he (or his). Please read Lunsford section 29g for guidance on making pronouns and antecedents agree, and section 33b on avoiding use of he and his to refer to persons of either sex.

For this particular paper, I will use the following grading guidelines. (Large portions are adopted verbatim from Lewis Hyde.)