Review of The Go Masters

Write an analysis of The Go Masters. Assume that the reader is an arts film fan who knows nothing about the movie. Less than half of the paper should be descriptive; most of your paper should consist of an interesting observation about the movie stated in the form of a specific thesis. Although this thesis would ordinarily be stated very early in the paper, you could choose to state the thesis after having presented relevant background knowledge about the movie. In any event, the thesis should fit fluidly in the text of the paper. This thesis should not be a simple assessment of the movie (good or bad). Instead, try to say something more interesting; for instance, you may want to identify something that the movie attempted to do, and argue that it failed or that it succeeded. You should use evidence from the movie to support your ideas, formulating an argumentative paper.

Lunsford has guidelines about argumentative writing. In particular, sections 6 and 9 are expecially relevant to this paper, though adopting some of her recommendations (such writing an outline early in the process) can naturally lead to pretty dry writing.

Your paper should be about 600-900 words (2-3 pages). You will be assessed primarily on clarity, interest, and on your ability to argue a clear, interesting, and focused thesis concerning the movie. For this particular paper, I will use the following grading guidelines. (These guidelines are taken nearly verbatim from Lewis Hyde.)