Peer review of East meets West paper

Bring two copies of both your review and the paper you are reviewing to the next class.

As a reviewer, you should write comments to the author critiquing and making suggestions on how to improve the paper. A reasonable structure is to make suggestions about (1) the thesis, (2) support of the thesis, and (3) writing style. In addition, comment on whether the paper fails to meet the expectations of the assignment. For example, does the paper discuss values as reflected in the performance of the chosen activity?

Try to make constructive criticisms. Your goal is to help the author improve the paper, not to help the author hate the paper. Be sure to address things which impressed you as well as things that need work.

Appended are some questions which you might think about as you read the essay. You should not answer each of these questions. Instead, comment on those parts that are most lacking in the essay, and try to make specific suggestions to the author which would (in your view) improve the essay.