FTS schedule (Fall 2005)

Date Class topic Due Other
9/8 Brief intro, play dayLearn capture game
9/9 Go ettiquette, Asian values discussionComment on syllabus

9/12 Differences btwn HS and GACAnother tutorial, more capture game
9/13 LASSIPaper: Why enroll?
9/15 Shotwell, Chapters 1-5
9/16 Katrina Teach-in, no classKatrina teach-in

9/19 9 by 9 games
9/20 Recording games(none)Last day to register
9/22 Play dayRecord a 9x9
9/23 Play on KGS in labMore of the tutorial

9/26 Paper: Rules to Go
9/27 Nobel Conference
9/28 Nobel Conference
9/29 Nobel discussionNobel
9/30 Play dayComplete the tutorial

10/3 The Master of GoMaster of Go
10/4 Rosh Hashana (no class)
10/6 Project ideas, playResearch project ideas
10/7 Second pro 9x9 gamePro 9x9 and stones talk

10/10Resarch project proposal
10/11Chapters 9 and 10 of Shotwell
10/13Yom Kippur (no class)
10/14Library dayPlay Go on KGS

10/17Empty trianglesResearch references
10/18Scolding, schedule issuesImprove your references as needed
10/20The Go MastersKageyama, Chapter 1
10/21Registration; Thesis

10/24Reading day
10/25Reading day
10/26Wednesday classDraft a thesis
10/27Richard Leitch and tournament

10/31My researchPaper: Go Masters movie review
11/1 19x19 gamesKageyama, Chapters 2-3
11/2Spring registration meetings
11/3 Kageyama, Chapter 4
11/4 Sarah H, Tim RKageyama, Chapter 5

11/7 Emma, Dan G, Naomi, Dan CLearn and read 19x19
11/8 Danielle, Nate R, Sarah MLearn and read 19x19
11/10Learn and read 19x19
11/11Adam, Tim J, Mai Xee, Sara TLearn and read 19x19

11/14Flynn, Nate P, JohnPaper: Go Masters movie review
11/1519x19 4-4 joseki
11/17A go journal

11/21East Meets West paper

11/28First Kyu

12/5 International Ed
12/8 East Meets West paper
12/9Career Center

12/13Redraft thesis

12/16Party at 506 College, 12-3pm