FTS-100 The Game of Go, Fall 1999

Helpful information
Instructor: David Wolfe (click here for office hour information)
Course schedule (check this often!)
J-term catalog

Course syllabus
9x9 Go board in PostScript format
19x19 Go board in PostScript format
Overview of The Go Masters

Why I signed up for a course about Go (due Tuesday, September 14)
How to play Go (due Monday, October 4)
Movie review
East meets West and related peer-review assignment
Go as a Metaphor

Go boards, stones and supplies:
Samarkind (Good Move Press)
Ishi Press International. Direct link to Go sets
Yutopian Enterprises

Nobel 99 links:
Nobel Conference web site
Lee Hood, Dept of Molecular Biotechnology, U of Washington
Lee Hood's research group

Other links:
Diane Hacker, A Writer's Reference web resources
Mind Sports Worldwide: Go News
American Go Association
HECUA arranges internships in much of the globe to study social issues.