Geometry Explorer

Version 2.0.2

Latest Version:  Geometry Explorer Version 2.0.2  (Released 8/15/2010)  To download any of these installer files, right click (ctrl or apple-click for one button mice) on the file and choose "Save Link As" to save the installer file to your computer. Then, on Macintosh and Windows machines, double-click the installer file to run the installation program.  On Linux machines follow the instructions below.

Macintosh OS 10.9 (Mavericks)  (updated 2/1/2014)  For Macintosh users running the Mavericks operating system there is a problem with running Java in the new system.  If you are running Mavericks, go to the page and follow the instructions there.  A fix to this problem will be out by the summer of 2014.  

Macintosh OS X
:  Minimum Required configuration:  CPU speed >= 500mhz, at least 74 mb of hard disk space (~24 mb for the compressed distribution and ~50 mb for the program files once decompressed), and 512 mb of RAM. A Java virtual machine is required at the level of JDK1.5 or above. (Make sure you have the latest updated Java software before downloading)
Download Geometry Explorer version 2.0.2 (8/15/2010) for Macintosh OS X  (24.05 mb)
Download (6.11 mb) (This directory is needed for saving files as web pages)

Documentation: There is a PDF version of the Geometry Explorer User Guide available.  (revised December 2008)