Written Exam 1

Friday October 4, 9:00am–9:50am
OHS 318
  • SLIM programming. You should
    • understand that allocate-registers is not a real instruction
    • know what each SLIM instruction does
    • be able to read and understand SLIM programs
    • be able to count the number of instructions executed by a SLIM program
  • Kotlin programming. You should
    • understand values and types: Boolean, Byte, Char, Short, Int, Long, Float, Double, String, Array
    • know how to use operators: &&   ||   !   <   <=   >   >=   ==   !=   +   -   *   /   %   ++   --
    • know how to declare and use both val and var variables
    • be able to use expressions (including the if and when expressions)
    • be able to distinguish the well-typed expressions from the ill-typed expressions
    • be able to use type conversion functions: toInt(), toDouble(), etc.
    • know how to write these statements: if, when, for, while, do...while
    • understand strings
    • know how to use arrays
    • know how to call the Random functions nextInt and nextDouble
    • know how to access the command line arguments
    • be able to output through print and println
Exam Format
This written exam is closed-book and mostly closed-notes. No calculator, computer, or mobile device is allowed but you may bring in a single notebook-sized sheet of paper with your hand-written notes for reference. Both sides are ok to use but computer-generated printout is not allowed.