Teaching in Spring 2011:

Spa 321- Spanish Culture

Vickner 201, MWF  at 11:30 and 12:30

Spa 102- Beginning Spanish

Vickner 201, MTWF at 1:30

Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesday 2:30- 3:00

Also by appointment

Contact information:

Ana Adams

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Gustavus Adolphus College

800 West College Avenue

Saint Peter, MN 56082



Courses taught at Gustavus:

Spa 101- Beginning Spanish

Spa 102- Beginning Spanish

Spa 280- Intro to Literature in Spanish

Spa 321- Spanish Culture

Spa 322- Latin American Masterworks

Spa 375-  Spanish Women Writers

Spa 390- Film in Spanish


-Our program

-Language requirement and placement

-Requirements for majors

-Requirements for minors

-Senior Portfolio

-Study Abroad

-Student Services

  1. -Library

  2. -Spanish tutor schedule

Upcoming Spanish Events:

  1. -Mesa de Español-  Every Tuesday from 6-7 at the Marketplace.  Look for the table with flags from Spanish-speaking countries!


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