The History of Gustavus Buildings
Purpose of this Site
This website explores the history of buildings on the Gustavus Adolphus campus. It provides a timeline of all the buildings and goes into more detail on structures like Old Main, the Auditorium, Christ Chapel and more.  It is interesting to view the campus in the early 1900’s and compare it to how it has developed today under the “Campus Layout” tab.  Along with the historical information of the buildings on campus this site supplies information on the new and upcoming plans Gustavus Adolphus College has designed.
This site was created by seven Gustavus students who were interested in discovering the former structures and how they have evolved over time on the Gustavus campus. This project was part of a J-Term class named Digital History.  
                Alex Bush                                                       Joey Nowariak                                                
                Public Accounting Major                                 Economics and History Major
                Class of 2011                                                  Class of 2011
                Jared Gavle                                                    Chantel Rice
                Economics Major                                            Public Accounting Major
                Class of 2011                                                 Class of 2011
                Eric Helps                                                       Julia Thompson
                Class of 2013                                                 Accounting Major
                                                                                       Class of 2011
                Joe Kuechenmeister
                Physical and Health Education Major
                Class of 2010
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